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Raise the Roof with Us

Whether your old roof needs to be replaced or your new construction project is ready for a roof, MRI Mark's Restoration Improvements LLC in Greenup, Kentucky, has you covered. We specialize in all types of roofs; including shingles, metal roofing, rubber, and TPO membrane. Many old roofs suffer from extensive storm damage and need new roofing. If there is storm damage, then we will come out and give a free consultation with the insurance company, as well as a free estimate. Our experience with insurance companies has provided us with extensive knowledge of their requirements, which we use to benefit your project.

Out with the Old

Depending on the age of the roof, how many shingles have blown off, and whether the roof is leaking, most insurance companies will pay to remove the roof and replace it with new roofing. We will drill and remove a core sample to determine how many layers are necessary (we generally recommend three layers). If there are leaks and interior damage, then we will remove the membrane, install new insulation board, and start over. We offer a 5-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship.

In with the New

Rather than using large trucks or roll-off dumpsters that will tear up your driveway, we haul away all damaged roofing material in trailers behind our trucks and dispose of it at the nearest landfill. Based on the manufacturer, most products have a lifetime warranty from 30 years and up. Many roofing material companies also feature an Energy Star™ rating, including those who make rubber roofing for commercial usage or TPO membrane for flat-roof commercial buildings. We gladly install new roofs for contractors or homeowners acting as contractors.

Attaching Shingles to Roof & Metal Roof