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From the Outside In

Our premium window replacement and disposal services will make a clear difference in the appearance of your home. At MRI Mark's Restoration Improvements LLC, we replace windows for energy efficiency and overall aesthetic value. Our windows feature lifetime warranties for glass breakage if the window is broken. Many window manufacturers also feature an Energy Star™ rating and may qualify for tax credits.

Let Us Take Away Your Pane

When we visit your property, we deliver a prototype so you can select the windows you'd like on-site. After measuring your current windows, we custom order the replacements, have them built for you, and return to your property for installation. We then remove the old windows and haul them away for disposal.

Opening New Doors

Many old wooden doors swell in winter and don't latch completely, which can lead to air loss around the jambs. We can replace your old wooden door with one of our fiberglass doors, which, unlike steel doors, don't conduct or transfer heat or cold. We'll visit your home to measure your doorway and have a custom door built to your specifications. After installing the new door, we haul away the old doors. Our door manufacturers feature an Energy Star™ rating for certified quality.

Get Out of the Gutter

In addition to window and door services, we provide gutter repair and replacement in Greenup, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas. We offer continuous 5" and 6" wide guttering that is not pieced together. We construct the gutters on-site and install them immediately. Our technicians will also install new downspouts and mount any decorations you'd like when we install the gutters. As part of our commitment to your approval, we offer 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction and 5-year warranty on all windows, doors, and gutters.

Door & Gutter